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Wounded People Hurt—Healed People Love

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What I have come to learn over the years and I see every day in my coaching and daily life is that wounded people hurt themselves and others, and healed people love themselves and others. Helping people learn and understand this truth has become a personal passion of mine. The world needs healing and it starts with us, through finding compassion and forgiveness. The world is full of walking wounded people who have varying degrees of unresolved grief weighing them down, draining their energy and vitality. I have made it my purpose to do all I can to support as many people as I can in their healing journey.

Gina Pilon

Life Coaching

Gina can support you in a journey of self discovery, learning, and personal growth. We are not meant to travel this road alone.

Initial Session

Complimentary 15-minute session where we get to know one another and decide if we are a good fit for working together.

Grief Recovery

You’ll get tools, a chance to say what you didn’t get to say, and space to resolve your emotions and complete the relationship.

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I am so thankful that I was referred to Gina after my husband recently passed away. Gina is a very kind and compassionate woman. She guided me gently through The Grief Recovery Method. I benefited from this process in ways I would never have expected. Thank you Gina, you are a very special lady.


When my husband died I was lost and didn’t know where to turn or what to do. Many family and friends suggested grief counselling. I then found Gina Pilon. She helped me in more ways I can explain. Gina’s caring, compassion and guidance helped me through a very difficult journey. She helped me understand the grieving process and what to expect. Gina taught me coping skills I use every day. Thank you Gina!


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Wounded people hurt—healed people love
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