Always Think and Speak Positively About Yourself

thinking to yourself
I’m sure you have heard of Affirmations, which are statements we say to ourselves over and over again. Basically, what an affirmation is doing is reprogramming your subconscious mind which pretty much controls about 95% of your choices and actions on a daily basis.

So even if you consciously desire or think you believe something, your subconscious mind may believe otherwise.

Our subconscious mind was programmed from very early on in our lives and based on our earlier program we developed beliefs (often very self limiting) about ourselves. These beliefs may have served us at one time, to protect us, however if we are struggling with reaching our goals chances are we have a self limiting belief.

When we have these beliefs we can sabotage even the best of intentions and we do it subconsciously.

One thing you can do which is relatively simple, and you can do it anywhere and anytime, is say positive affirmations that are more in keeping with how you really want to feel about yourself, or the live you want to live.

If you say them often enough and on a daily basis your subconscious mind will adopt that new belief and you will then make choices and take actions based on that new belief.

It doesn’t have to take long for this to work, everyday for even 21 days can make a huge impact.

A good example which many people can relate to is about self worth. We may have been told in many different way as a child that we were not worthy of all that we desire; by being told we were bad, or not allowed to do something or get something unless we were good. Conditional love is a big factor in creating a sense of unworthiness.

Unfortunately, unconditional love is difficult for most people to give and I’m sure our parents did the best they could. It did not mean they were bad people; they just didn’t know any better and were acting based on their programming from their childhood.

When we carry subconscious beliefs of unworthiness we sabotage our health goals, our career goals, or anything that would make us feel worthy or good about ourselves. It is not anyone’s fault; however it is our responsibility to change those beliefs so that we can achieve our desires and goals.

We are all completely worthy of achieving that which we desire.

By saying and repeating positive affirmations about yourself you can change those hidden beliefs. If health is a goal you can say ‘I am worthy of abundant health and I am getting healthier everyday’. The affirmation can be anything you decide it to be, just be sure that it feels good for you and is something you want to achieve.

Today find at least one positive affirmation about something that you desire to feel about yourself. Post it on your phone, your bathroom mirror, anywhere that is going to remind you to repeat it during the day.

Positive affirmations go a long way in helping us be successful in achieving our desires and goals.

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