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It Takes a Village! Cancer Coaching Comes to Arnprior

It Takes a Village! Cancer Coaching Comes to Arnprior

Over the past few years, a focus on patient-centered care within our healthcare systems has become more common place, encouraged and practiced. This includes what is commonly referred to as a ‘Circle of Care’ for patients, which can involve family doctors, oncologists, caregivers, specialists, and now: Cancer Coaches.

Cancer Coaching

If you are unfamiliar with Cancer Coaching in general, you may wonder: Why Cancer Coaching? What is It, and what are the benefits?

Cancer Coaching is about helping patients and their caregivers navigate the many needs and challenges of the cancer journey. Coaches work with their clients from diagnosis, treatment, post treatment, through to remission and recovery, or through their needs surrounding end-of-life planning. Because Cancer Coaching is person-centered, it allows you and your coach to work together to address whatever is most important to you along your journey based on where you are.

Cancer Coaching is not therapy nor is it prescriptive. You and your coach work together to empower you in such things as:

  • Developing the skills, knowledge and confidence to better understand and take charge of your cancer.
  • Improve your overall health and well-being.
  • Manage common treatment side effects and reduce stress.
  • Connect with others who share similar experiences.
  • Address the needs of the caregiver.
  • Create greater feelings of control.

Thanks to the generosity of local donors, Cancer Coaching has now been made available in Arnprior, Ontario. It is offered without need for a medical referral, and each client can access up to five hours of one-on-one coaching at no cost to them.

I am pleased and honored to have been selected and trained as the Cancer Coach for the Arnprior area. As a Life Coach and Grief Recovery Specialist, this is a great complement to add to the many ways in which I can support those in need of help with the many challenges life can throw our way.

Becoming a client is as easy as contacting the Ottawa Regional Cancer foundation at or by calling 613-247-3527.

If you are a person living with cancer or support a loved one who is facing cancer and feel you need help, please feel free to reach out and to see if coaching is for you.