April “Become Better not Bitter” Challenge

April “Become Better not Bitter” Challenge

The month of April is a perfect time to clean house. Just like April showers clean away the dirt from winter and allow the flowers to start growing and the trees to bud it can also be a time for each of us to start anew as well.

During this time of isolation, being quarantined and social distancing is a hidden opportunity to do what nature does and purge, get rid of and start fresh.


For the month of April, I am going to challenge myself to clean house; physically, emotionally and spiritually. I try to do this every spring, and I typically do this on my own, but I feel like now is the perfect time to invite others to join me in this challenge.

The goal is to purge that which no longer serves; meaning it doesn’t add any value, is not being used, doesn’t bring me joy, or doesn’t create peace in my life. In the past I have always kept this to objects in the house, but this year in light of an unprecedented Global pandemic creating more time to contemplate and really feel things out I am adding people, places, habits, and beliefs into the mix.

So, here is how it works.

1) What to include.

Household items that are no longer of use or bring a smile to your face, and only serve to clutter your life.

People who do not add value to your wellbeing, and you know who they are but maybe have been afraid to separate yourself from them.

Beliefs that do not contribute to your joy or happiness and stop you from becoming a better version of yourself.

Habits that do not contribute to your physical or emotional health.

Resentments and grudges that only serve to keep you stuck in pain. Time to let that stuff go, the only person it hurts is you.

Places that again do not contribute to your life in a positive affirming way. This is a perfect time for this one to become easy.

Foods that add no nutritional value and only take away from your physical and often emotional health. You are what you eat, and there is a strong Food – Mood connection. It is an easy time to become depressed and down, so there is no greater time and need to stop eating foods that are not healthy.

2) The rules: now it gets a bit more challenging.

On April 1st you discard on item (as chosen from what to include.)

On April 2nd you discard two items.

On April 3rd you discard three items.

On April 4th you discard four items.

By now you get the pattern. So, on April 20th you will have to discard 20 items… and when you get to April 30th your biggest day will include 30 items.

Once you have decided to purge something you cannot take it back. Find a box or bin to store things until you can donate them, give them away etc. If the item is deemed as garbage, then put it there. No take backs allowed, consider wisely.

If you have decided to purge something other than an object from the what to include list, write it down somewhere and keep it visible as a reminder to stay the course. Since these things can be a bit more challenging than ‘things’, each day that you stand by your choice you can include it in your daily tally. For example, if on day three you decide to give up chips, it can be included in day four etc. as long as you don’t touch any.

3) This is your challenge; it doesn’t have to be perfect, just give it a try. Any amount of purging is a success.

4) Have fun with it, the therapeutic benefits are awesome. Invite a buddy to join the challenge with you.

5) Finally, post your progress on my Facebook page if you feel inclined. Let’s support each other in becoming “Better and not Bitter” during these crazy times.