Get Moving

“To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise.” -Gene Tunney

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” -Jim Rohn

family walking

One of the biggest things that I see taken for granted in this life is health. You know that song “Don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone” by Cinderella. Well, isn’t that the truth when it comes to health?

Our health is that one thing that is truly ours, that one thing that we can hold onto and nurture, that one thing that we need to cherish and make a priority in our lives.

Good health isn’t just about eating right and getting enough sleep, it is also about keeping our bodies active and in shape. Not too long ago, regular physical movement was a normal part of everyday life. I remember as a kid always playing outside. It was the highlight of my day!

Sadly, today movement for many is nothing more than getting into the car, out of the car, up from the couch, or walking from the car to the store or restaurant. The closest many people get to exercise is by sitting down in front of the TV and watching others do it. These may be extreme cases, but for far too many it is the truth.

One of the keys to longevity is exercise. I think the problem for many is that we have turned it into a must do, or obligation versus something fun and enjoyable, and if we can’t do it the “right way” we don’t bother doing anything at all.

We are here to enjoy life, and the type of movement or exercise we choose should also be enjoyable.

Find what works for you, what makes you feel good, what is convenient and something that you can look forward to doing. You may have to push yourself a bit a first to get going, however get going you must.

I like to suggest walking as a good start for anyone. It is free, you can do it anywhere and anytime, and pretty well anyone can do it. Start slow if you need to and work your way up to a faster pace and longer time. It is also a great way to clear the mind, curb food cravings, improve mood, burn fat and lose weight.

Find a walking buddy, set a time of day that works for you and make it happen.

Get moving! Your health and happiness depend on it.

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