Go With the Flow

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like”. -Lao Tzu.

go with the flow

Picture your life like flowing water in a river: picking up debris along the way, going around curves, flowing over and around rocks, going over hills like a water fall, having rough spots like rapids, sometimes moving quickly and other times finding a place of peace and calm.

Now picture yourself trying to resist all of the motion. You can’t can you? It is impossible for the river to not flow.

Yes, I know you are thinking that’s what dams are for. And you would be right. However, just think how a beautiful flowing river makes you feel.

There is a wonderful sense of peace and calm, with such an appreciation for the natural beauty in a flowing river. Now think about how looking at a beautiful river suddenly stopped in mid beauty and motion by a cement dam makes you feel. Not so peaceful and calm anymore, I bet.

Take this idea and see if you can apply it to your own life. When we don’t let life flow, by trying to build artificial blocks, life becomes challenging and difficult. All kinds of negative emotions begin to take over, peace and calm disappear. When we create resistance, we create disharmony within our minds and bodies. We all know the feeling and can recognize when it’s happening.

What if you decided to just go with the flow instead, and let life just happen without trying to control the direction and speed at which things are moving?

As an example, I was scheduled to meet with someone recently at a specific time and place. I hurried myself to get there somewhat disrupting my normal routine. I was okay with that, however, as I was excited about the meeting. At our appointed time I began to watch for this person, five minutes went by, then ten, then twenty. I remained calm enjoying my tea and people watching. I decided that after a half hour I would get up and leave.

Fortunately I was in a Chapter’s, one of my favorite places, and saw this an opportunity to go look at which new books have hit the shelves. I was going with the flow and not upset in the least. In no time at all I was looking at a new book when a voice behind me said “Great book”. We began talking and really hit it off; she was like a kindred spirit and I know we will keep in touch. Moral of the story, by just going with the flow and remaining in a good place I was able to attract a new friend.

When you go with the flow you never know where things are going to take you, and you may just end up in a better place. And in the process you remain calm and at peace with life. How great is that!

You know the phrase “everything happens for a reason”. Many say it, but really don’t live it.

Today see if you can just go with the flow without resistance or blocks, and see how much better you feel as a result.

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