If You Can't Change Your Circumstances, Change Yourself

“Circumstances don’t make the man, they reveal him.”

change yourself and change your circumstances

It is all too easy to let our circumstances define us, rather than define our circumstances. Life is going to happen and how we react to life, and who we choose to be when it happens tells us a lot about ourselves.

There are many circumstances that are out of our control, but that does not have to dictate the person we decide to show up as every day.

Our past circumstances have made us into the people we have become. Has your past made you bitter, resentful, angry, hopeless, depressed, hateful, or selfish? Or has it taught you compassion, forgiveness, understanding, self love, unconditional love, acceptance, and resilience.

When you are faced with challenges in your life how do you react? Do you run away, do you try to control the outcome, do you try to control other people, do become selfish and unloving, even hostile? Or do you see the challenge as an opportunity to grow, to be loving, to be generous and giving, to be understanding, to be strong for others, or to be all that is good in you?

How you react to life’s challenges tells you so much about yourself and who you are, what both your strengths and weaknesses are, and where you need to grow as a person.

Life challenges are not just challenges, they are opportunities to grow and become the best version of ourselves. Don’t see them as something bad, but as something that is happening in your life for a reason.

How do react to your circumstances? Sometimes our circumstances do need to change, and when we can do that it is a gift. However, there are times when we are unable to change our circumstances so we are being asked at those times to step up to the plate and change ourselves and how we view the circumstances.

All circumstances are asking us to show up as our best self, whether we change them or not. What do your circumstances say about you?

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