Let Go of Your Limitations

“Argue for your limitations, and sure enough they’re yours.” -Richard Bach


Just think of how wonderful life could be if we didn’t spend so much time allowing our limitations to stop us from following our dreams.

When asked what our hopes and dreams are many people have a hard time coming up with anything. And if they do, they are followed by all of the reasons that those dreams haven’t come true yet in their lives.

Sure, we all have some very real limitations: physical handicaps, financial constraints, economic influences, family responsibilities, or geographic location. Yet how many limits are real versus limitations we impose on ourselves to keep us safe.

We create limitations for ourselves to hold us back from taking risks that could change our lives.

We will hold onto those limitations with all our might, defending them and justifying them.

Just think of the many people who did not see any limitations in what they could achieve and only saw potential and possibility.

People such as these:

  • Helen Keller who was deaf and blind but earned a Bachelor of Arts degree
  • Beethoven who lost his hearing but continued to compose music
  • Stephen Hawking who was severely disabled by a motor neuron disease and continued his world renowned scientific career for over 40 years
  • Jim Carrie who was homeless
  • Amelia Earhart who became the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic
  • Bethany Hamilton who after having her arm bitten off by a shark continued to surf and won first place in the NSSA world championships.

These are but of few examples of people who let go of their limitations and believed in themselves.

For most people our limitations are trivial compared to what others have overcome. The point here is not that we don’t have limitations. The point is to let them go so that we can become all that we are capable of being.

What limitations are holding you back, and how can you find a way to let them go?

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