What would life be like if?

What Would Life Be Like If?

What Would Life Be Like If?

Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ~Mahatma Gandhi

During this time of social distancing and isolation I, like many, find myself struggling with varying unresolved issues. Yes, I am human and not exempt from the realities of life. When all this started several weeks ago, I remember reading that our triggers may be magnified during this time, and that which is unresolved in our hearts and minds may surface with greater intensity. Well, whoever wrote that was correct, at least for me. We can only distract ourselves so much and for so long.

What would life be like if?

Being a Life Coach, Grief Recovery Specialist, Cancer Coach, and avid self-help advocate and practitioner, I realized it was time to roll up my sleeves and get to work on myself. When I make a focused intention and effort on doing my own work I usually find a wonderful gem of truth, perspective or insight that gives me just what I need to smooth out the wrinkles and get me back into balance.

This time I thought I would share it, as it is such a powerful tool yet so very simply to apply. At least it has been for me. It starts with one question: “What would life be like if?”

The following are some of the thoughts that came to me and which I allowed myself to ponder, imagine in my mind, and feel in my heart. When you try them on for size you soon realize that life would be better.

What would life be like if…?

I let go of my resentments.

I was able to control my reaction to the magnitude of the losses felt during this pandemic.

I let go of having to be perfect.

I allowed others their unique experience during this time and stop judging.

I allowed myself to pause and just be for a while, giving my heart, mind, and body time to rest and rejuvenate.

I was honest with myself about what is not working in my life and what is.

I stopped trying to control that which I cannot control, including people.

I decluttered my life of people, items, thoughts, or beliefs that do not serve my highest good or add value.

I choose kindness over being right.

I let go of fear and instead adopted an attitude of hope, trust, love, and faith.

I took responsibility for my own happiness, including my needs without apology or guilt.

I practiced self-care emotionally, spiritually, and physically daily.

I reached out for help and admitted I cannot do this alone.

I dealt with any unresolved Grief.

What would life be like if…?

Take that question in and allow it to plant seeds in your mind, allow your imagination to visualize, and really wonder what life would be like if you, yes you, changed.

In this time of uncertainty, the only thing we really do have control over is how WE show up, react and act. If you find yourself struggling, ask yourself what would life be like if…?

Stay safe and well.