Nourish Your Soul

“Happiness resides not in possessions and not in gold, happiness dwells in the soul.” -Democritus

make your soul happy

When all is said and done, everything we do or say is driven by the pursuit of happiness. We are all looking for happiness in someone or from something. We have become a society driven by a need to consume more, have more, be more and achieve more so that we can be “happy”.

As much as people will utter the words “happiness is an inside job”, how many actually in their heart of hearts live by this motto?

Sure, the pleasures of this world can certainly add to our overall happiness, but ultimately they are not the source of it. This is why we never seem to be content and always want more: more money, more space with a bigger house, more food, more love from someone else, more, more, more.

Just look at the commercials on TV. They are preying on your need to feel happy. Once you have their product, they imply, then you will be happier. We all buy into it, support it and encourage it within ourselves and even with our children.

At some point, we have to stop and ask ourselves what is really missing? What are we really longing for that we think that piece of chocolate cake will give us, or that new piece of clothing that we don’t really need will offer us?

This form of happiness is fleeting and will never satisfy a hungry soul.

Our soul needs a different kind of nourishment, a nourishment that comes from inside not outside. It comes from a place of service to others, a place of loving others, a place of forgiving others, a place of feeling fulfilled, a place of self love, a place of belief in something, a place of peace in what is.

Take time out of your day, each day, to nourish your soul by being kind to others, by being kind to yourself, by supporting others, by forgiving others, by giving to others, by being grateful, by laughing and having fun, by listening with your heart, and by taking care of the body that houses your soul. In this you will find happiness and the rest will take care of itself.

Do something today that will nourish your soul. Make this an important part of your life–your health and happiness depend on it.

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