Open and Heal Your Heart

“The walls we keep around us to keep out the sadness also keep out the joy.”

heal your heart

There is not one person among us who has not suffered a loss, a hurt, a betrayal, or trauma of some sort in their life time. Some people have suffered more than others, and you do not have to look far to find the many forms of suffering that we as a human race endure each day.

In essence, you can quiet easily say that we are all victims of human suffering. I would like to think of life, however, as a series of lessons with some of these lessons being extremely tough to endure.

This is not meant to minimize the pain and sorrow that many do suffer over a life time; I look at it this way to find meaning and hope.

It is very easy to close our hearts to others and to the joys of life when life has been hard and our wounds are deep. If we are to continue living and ultimately find health and happiness, we must open our hearts. Otherwise, we remain victims and live behind a cloak of sorrow.

Healing our hearts is imperative, not just for our own sake but for the sake of our children, our families and human kind as a whole. A healed heart is a gift we can bring to our day and to those close to us. A healed heart is more loving, creative, generous, productive, abundant and joyful.

Opening and healing our hearts is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and those we love. Joy is our birthright: regardless of what has happened to us it is our responsibility to heal.

Where in your life are you hanging onto sadness? Reach out and find the help and support you need to open and heal your heart.

Life truly begins when we heal our hearts. I know it did for me.

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