Grief Recovery Support In-Person


7 in-person sessions with Gina for Grief Recovery Support.

Losing something – or someone — you care about can be hard. You feel awful. You have no energy. Maybe you’ve even lost your love for life. But you can also choose to experience this as a gift for your own personal and spiritual growth. In these programs, you’ll work with Gina to uncover, explore and ultimately complete your relationship with the place, experience, or loved one you’ve lost. You’ll increase your understanding of what grief really is, what purpose it serves in your life, and how to accept and “do” grieving as part of being alive. It’s never too soon after a loss to begin this work. And it’s never too late – even if you feel like you “should be over it” by now.

You’ll get tools, a chance to say what you didn’t get to say, and space to resolve your emotions and complete the relationship with Gina’s strong, supportive guidance.