Sleep Well

“Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.” – Thomas Dekker

sleep well

If you want to change anything in your life–your health, your relationships, your mind, your weight, or your outlook on life–then I suggest you look at your sleep patterns.

We have become a society plagued with chronic sleep deprivation.

Just look at how many people need stimulants such a caffeine, sugar, chocolate and carbs to keep them going throughout the day. We have so much we want to do and accomplish that we have put sleep on the back burner as one of those inconvenient things we have to do as humans. We forget just how important it is to our overall health and happiness.

The benefits of a good sleep are many and those who have made sleep a part of their health regimen are reaping the rewards. Here are the most common benefits:

  • stronger immune systems
  • more positive disposition
  • weight loss
  • clearer mind
  • fewer cravings
  • more energy

When you are looking at your overall health, it is imperative that sleep be just as important as the foods you eat. If we neglect sleep, all of our other health efforts could be in vain.

Below are a few suggestions for helping you have a good night sleep.

  • Sleep in total darkness, the darker the better; this will stimulate the sleep hormone Melatonin.
  • Go to bed at the same time each night, and wake at the same time each morning. Routine is important.
  • Stop eating at least three hours prior to going to bed. (Eat a light dinner.)
  • Stop drinking early in the evening to prevent those bathroom visits.
  • Reduce the lighting in your home early in the evening, again, to stimulate Melatonin production.
  • Reduce or eliminate external stimulus such as computers, and television for at least one to two hours before going to bed. (Try reading instead.)

People often ask how much sleep they need. The consensus is anywhere from seven to nine hours. It does not take long to figure out what works best for you, and you will know by how you feel during the day. If you hit a ‘brick wall’ around three in the afternoon then you may need more sleep. Of course there could be other factors, but I would strongly suggest looking at the quality and duration of your sleep first.

Sleep well!

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