The Strength to Change Your Eating Habits

I find that one of the biggest fears people have is fear of changing their eating habits from unhealthy to healthy.

We have become addicted to bad food, plain and simple.

It is a challenge to overcome your fear of giving up something that is unhealthy for you, such as pop, fast food, sugar, alcohol or whatever you are truly afraid to let go of.

Feel the fear and let go of it anyway!

A Personal Note

Recently, I was on a fourteen-day Detox and cleanse. For seven of those days I had to eat a mono diet, meaning the same food (healthy and healing) for all three meals. This meant giving up everything else, including my morning coffee.

Was I afraid to do that? Absolutely!

However, I was determined to get through it and I did. I came out the other end feeling better as well as more assured of myself and my ability to do what I thought I couldn’t.

What are you afraid to give up?

 Try to substitute the food you fear to give up  with a healthier choice for at least one week.

  • Pop – substitute with water
  • Meat – substitute with beans or legumes (Please note: not all meat is bad. Eating it or not is a personal choice – try free range organic meat instead.)
  • Sugar – substitute with sweet veggies such as carrots and sweet potatoes
  • Fast food – try a large satisfying salad
  • Coffee – try green tea
  • Alcohol – Kombucha

We all have it in us to be healthy; it just depends on the choices we make and whether or not we can overcome our fears.

Try feeling the elation of giving up something harmful to your health for something that creates health.

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