When We Fail to Grieve, We Fail to Heal. Get Healing!

“Suppressed grief suffocates, it rages within the breast, and is forced to multiply its strength.” -Ovid

healing from grief

There are so many emotions that can be felt during a time of loss. These emotions and the outward display of them are quite often considered negative and intolerable by many people. They make us uncomfortable and we tend to avoid them for ourselves and try to suppress them in others.

Emotions themselves are “Energy in Motion.” The ways in which we release that energy physically is by crying, shaking, sweating, yelling and laughing. In times of grief we can see one, two or even all of these outward displays of strong emotion by one person.

These physical releases are not only important they are necessary for our ultimate healing. They are not the only part of the healing process, but they are a critical physical component.

When we deny ourselves or others the release of energy attached with these strong emotions in a safe and healthy way, we are denying them and ourselves the ability to heal. The important thing about energy is that it does not go away.

So if we suppress the energy of these emotions, it has to go somewhere. Because these energies are released physically they will also be stored physically. That is to say they will be lodged in our bodies, to come out later.

These stored unreleased emotions can show up in a number of ways: sudden outburst of anger far beyond what the situation warrants, acts of physical violence and abuse, depression, an inability to cope with life challenges, and at worst, a physical disease.

Disease is just that: a dis-ease in the body.

When we have unreleased emotions from loss and we store them in our bodies it does create an unease, which over time can manifest into a dis-ease. Our emotions are not separate from our bodies and they affect our physiology.

The physical release of emotions is a critical part of our health. Do not deny yourself or anyone else this gift of healing through emotional release. Get healing.

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